Kara Bierman - Open Water Scuba Instructor

What's your favorite PADI course to teach? I love teaching Open Water! It is so great to work with a new student and take them through the basic skills that they will utilize as a diver. My favorite part is assisting a student overcome an issue. Let’s face it, we are not perfect and sometimes we need a little extra help and with a little practice and instruction, your confidence level will skyrocket!

Scott Simpson - Divemaster

Why did you learn to dive? I had wanted to dive for a long time, but I never could find a partner to do it with me. My son expressed interest in 2019, after attending a information session at his high school given by Natalee, and the rest is history.
Why did you become a Divemaster? I wanted to become a more confident diver, and help others become better divers too.

Brent Blair - Master Scuba Diver Trainer

How long have you been diving? Since 2009, I got tired of coming to the surface when snorkelling.
What's your favorite class to teach
? Rescue, because the students seem to get the most out of that class.  It makes them a more confident diver, and can deal with any stressful situation.

What's your favorite type of diving? Anywhere that has a shipwreck!


Doug Rencher - Master Scuba Diver Trainer

How long have you been teaching? I've been teaching since 2004, so I could combine my passion for scuba diving and photography.
What's your favorite PADI course to teach? Digital Underwater Photography.  I enjoy sharing the underwater world and hope the exposure will help others understand how fragile that world is, and the need to protect it.
Favorite diving destinations: Papau New Gunia & Red Sea, Cairo, Egypt. Pennekamp State Park (close to home).