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Equipment Service
Keep your equipment clean, safe, and ready to dive!

Divers Cove is South Florida’s leading diving equipment service and repair center. With over 20 years of experience the technical services department has developed unrivalled expertise utilizing trained technicians and the best diagnostic equipment available to ensure that your equipment is properly prepared for your underwater adventures.


Dive equipment manufacturers recommend that you have your gear serviced annually, and well before you need it for that important dive trip. We also recommend that you dive it before you go, as regulators in particular can settle and may require a final adjustment to achieve optimum performance.


Our onsite technical department here at Divers Cove is staffed by fully qualified technicians, expert in servicing of all types and makes of equipment whether sold at our store or not.  All serviced equipment is normally available for return to the customer within 7 working days, however this time may increase if parts are unavailable or if demand for servicing is high during peak seasonal periods.


Regulator Service

During the annual service your regulator will be stripped to its smallest parts, cleaned and examined. Your regulator will then be rebuilt using genuine manufacturers service parts and then tuned to achieve its optimum performance. It is then worked on a breathing machine to bed the dynamic components after which it is then rested before its final inspection. Hoses and mouthpieces are checked during every annual service. These items are not covered under warranty and sometimes need to be replaced during annual service. If hoses and mouthpieces fail and need to be replaced during your annual service, hoses range from $30.00-60.00 per hose. Mouthpieces range from $7.00-$30.00. 


Bouyancy Compensator Device Service

The BCD inflation valve and dump valves are stripped cleaned and applicable parts are replaced. Finally a leak test of the jacket is carried out and any leaks repaired.


Service Pricing:

BCD Service

  • Inspection $10.00
  • Annual service fee $25.00 (plus parts)

Regulator Service

  • Inspection $15.00
  • Annual service fee $75.00 (plus parts)

Computer Service

  • Standard Battery change $15.00 plus battery (Factory replacement $100-$150 plus shipping)
  • Transmitter Battery change $15.00 plus battery (Factory replacement $100-$150)

Tank Service

  • Tank Hydro $45.00
  • Tank Visual $25.00
  • O2 Cleaning $45.00
  • O2 Cleaning w/Visual $55.00
  • O2 Cleaning w/Hydro $75.00