Perry St. Rocks Beach Dive Oct. 25th

One of the most accesible beach dives in our area. Large "Rocks" make for an interesting bottom composition and a unique beach dive. 

The Perry Street Rock Pile starts 600 feet off the beach and is about 150 feet wide (east-west). The average depth here is 12-20 feet (some of the boulders have high peaks).

This project was known as Beach Renourishment Project, Segment III by Broward County. Completed in 2006, it is now an amazing reef for scuba divers to enjoy! It is typicall to see nurse sharks, yellow spotted rays, large southern stingrays, and coulorful parrot fish. There has even been a school of giant tarpon hanging out near the rocks!

This will be a one tank dive. 

Check in at: 10:00am 


*To comply with with Broward County beach opening orders divers will be split into groups of 10, including one representative from Divers Cove. During gear set up and before entering the water all divers must maintain 6 feet apart, unless diving with members of the same household. Face masks must be worn during gear set up but may be taken off when it is time to enter the water.


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Perry St. Rocks Beach Dive Oct. 25th

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