• May 16th: Neptune Memorial & Reef Boat Dive

May 16th: Neptune Memorial & Reef Boat Dive

Join Divers Cove down in Miami for two amazing dives! This is a great trip for all of our new Open Water Divers!

Check in 12:30pm

Neptune Memorial 

Depth: 40 ft.

The Neptune Memorial Reef is an underwater columbarium in what was conceived by the creator as the world's largest man-made reef (covering over 600,000 square feet (56,000 m2) of ocean floor) at a depth of 40 feet (12 m) ).[1] It was originally conceived by Gary Levine and designed by artist Kim Brandell and known as the Atlantis Reef Project or the Atlantis Reef[2] As of 2012, the Reef occupies a half-acre space, but a planned expansion 16 acres (6.5 ha) is underway. The city design involves underwater roads leading to a central feature with benches and statuary.



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Neptune Memorial & Reef

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