June 10th: Neptune Memorial and Reef 2 Tank Dive

Neptune Memorial and Reef 2 Tank Dive


Ancient-looking columns guarded by carved lions mark the entryway into a “lost city” located 40 feet below the surface of the sea, complete with stone roads, soaring gates, and crumbling ruins.Originally named the Atlantis Memorial Reef, the lost city is part of an underwater cemetery that also acts as an artificial reef, sponsored by the Neptune Society, a cremation company. Located about 3 miles off the coast of Key Biscayne in Miami, the undersea cemetery was designed by Florida artist Kim Brandell and opened in 2007.

The profile for this dive will be the Neptune memorial at 40 ft and a reef dive at 30 ft. 

Tanks and weights are not included.

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Neptune Memorial and Reef 2 Tank Dive

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