• Aug 13th: Lobster Hunt- Beach Dive

Aug 13th: Lobster Hunt- Beach Dive

Private Lobster hunt beach dive. Dive with professional Tom La Castra to target lobster. Work together with the group to limit out and share the catch together. 4 people max. Location TBD. 

-Florida Fishing licence with lobster stamp required. 

-5:30 AM Meet Up to be in the water before 6AM

-Bottom time Up to 2.5 Hours

-Tank requirement (Steel 100's or larger required)

-Lobster Gear requirements (Lobster bag, measure gauge, Gloves, Snare or tickle stick and a net)

-Max Depth 30ft

-Total Time in water up to 4 hours

-Long Swim and Long Walks

Starting from

Availability: Contact us for booking information

Lobster Hunt with Pro Tom La Castra

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