Oceanic Alpha 8 Octopus, Yellow

Oceanic Alpha 8 Octopus, Yellow


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Part Number:40-3540-53 Manufacturer: Oceanic

Oceanic Alpha 8 Octopus: With a bright yellow 36" (91.4 cm) LP hose and matching cover, the Alpha 8 Second Stage is a highly visible octopus (alternate second stage) that is easy on the budget. 

The Oceanic Alpha 8's super sturdy ABS/polycarbonate housing weighs just 6 oz. (170 g) and measures 2.9" (7 4 cm) in diameter. The lightweight design and anatomical mouthpiece translate into a second stage that won't cause jaw fatigue. The Alpha 8 Second Stage is a dependable downstream demand valve design. The Alpha 8 can be used with air or Nitrox mixtures up to 40% right out-of-the-box.

Professional performance, entry-level price.

If you believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice performance for price, the Alpha 8 Octo is for you. The Alpha 8 Sport is the top-performing regulator in its class, and one of the most affordably priced regulators you can buy.

  • Demand Valve
  • Balancing System
  • Integrated Purge Button
  • Orthodontic Mouthpiece
  • Nitrox Compatibility to 40%
  • Weight (without hose) 6 ounces
  • Dimensions (front profile) 2.9 inches
  • Minimum Cracking Effort
  • 1.1 CIW*
  • Factory Set Inhalation Effort 1.2—1.4 CIW*
  • The best price-to-performance ratio in its class
  • Designed to perform to the U.S. Navy's Class A standards at 198 feet
  • Inexpensive to maintain
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Limited Lifetime Service Agreement
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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