Vista Park Reef Beach Dive April 5th

There are two reefs that form Vista Park Reef in Fort Lauderdale. the first is very wide patch reef that runs North-South for about 800 yards. To get to the reef, swim straight out from the park’s beach access for about 70-100 yards. The park entrance is roughly the middle point of the reef. The other reef is one of our favorites and starts about 1,500 feet from shore. This dive site primarily contains vast expanses of corals and other plant life, as well as an abundance of fish. Likely to see Flamingo Tongue, damsels, grunts, soft coral, fan coral, urchins, conch.

This will be a one tank beach dive

Dive Profile is 20ft. 

Check in at 9:00AM

Parking Located at 2851 N Atlantic Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

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Vista Park Reef Beach Dive April 5th

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