Spiegel Grove Deep Wreck Oct 17th

The USS Spiegle Grove is one of the largest wrecks South Florida has to offer. So large that it is nearly impossible to see the entire wreck in just one dive! 

She is a Thomaston-class dock landing ship commisioned by the US Navy in 1956. The Speigle Grove served in the navy on countless operations until she was decommissioned in 1989. In 2001 she was given to the State of Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission to become the amazing artificial reef she is today. 

The USS Spiegle Grove is 510 ft long, 84 ft in hieght. She sits in about 120ft at the sand with her top deck at around 65ft.

* Advanced Open Water certified divers only.

* Nitrox is highly reccommended.


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Spiegel Grove Deep Wreck Oct 17th

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