• October 23rd: Yellow Brick Road Beach Dive

October 23rd: Yellow Brick Road Beach Dive

Just off the beach between Johnson and Michigan streets (behind the bandshell), lies a 32 ft wide trail of cement blocks tracing a path eastward. A large drainage pipe was once overlaid with paving blocks connected by reinforcing steel. In time the pipe deteriorated and collapsed beneath the fabric of blocks. What remains is a dreamscape for tropicals and a cafeteria line for the larger fish that feed on them. The reef surrounding the old pipe gulley is full of deep undercuts, usually home to lobster and snoozing nurse sharks.
Best part, its FREE!!!!
Meet up: 8:00am

Ideal parking is the street parking located on Buchanan St. Additional parking is located at the Margaritaville Public Parking Garage on Johnson St. 


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Yellow Brick Road

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