Mini Season Lobster Beach Dive July 29th

Date and Time are Tentative and subject to change. 
Sign up is for the purposes of gauging interest and does not gaurantee a spot for the dive.
Once Beaches/Boat open you will be contacted to confirm booking and payment.
Price TBD, however all beach dives will be FREE!
Grab your tickle sticks and lobster nets! IT'S MINI SEASON!
All divers must follow the following guidlines:

Daily Bag Limit: 6 per person for Monroe County and Biscayne National Park; 12 per person for rest of Florida

Possession limit on the water: equal to the daily bag limit

Possession limit off the water: equal to the daily bag limit on the first day and double the daily bag limit on the second day

Possession limits are enforced on and off the water.

Minimum Size Limit: Carapace must be larger than 3", measured in the water. Possession and use of a measuring device required at all times. 

Lobster must be landed in whole condition. Separating the tail from the body is prohibited in state waters.

The harvest or possession of eggbearing spiny lobster, or any other eggbearing species of lobster belonging to the families Palinuridae (spiny lobsters), Scyllaridae (slipper lobsters) or Synaxidae (furry lobsters) is prohibited

No person shall harvest or attempt to harvest spiny lobster using any device which will or could puncture, penetrate or crush the exoskeleton (shell) or the flesh of the lobster

Recreational trapping prohibited

Regardless of what species you are fishing for, bag limits are only for properly licensed individuals and those people exempt from license requirements who are actively harvesting. People harvesting may not exceed their individual bag limit and take someone else's bag limit. That is, people (including children) who are not actively harvesting or are not properly licensed (if a license is required) may NOT be counted for purposes of bag limits.


Click HERE for location and directions. 


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Mini Season Lobster Beach Dive July 29th

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