Ft. Lauderdale Wreck/Reef May Aug 23rd

Date and Time are Tentative and subject to change. 
Sign up is for the purposes of gauging interest and does not gaurantee a spot for the dive.
Once Beaches/Boat open you will be contacted to confirm booking and payment.
Price TBD.
One of our local favoite Dive Charters, The American Dream II, will be taking us out to a wreck and reef 2 tank dive. Dive site is TBD, however we will be requesting Hog Heaven. 
Hog Heaven Wreck is a mix of various items placed in an area over a span of three years. The main attraction of this wreck dive is the 180-foot Western Barge which was intentionally sunk on September 19, 1986 to become an artificial reef. The Hog Heaven Wreck flipped during its sinking and now rests upside down in 72 feet of water. It’s easy to penetrate with proper training.

Click HERE for directions to the boat!



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Ft. Lauderdale Wreck/Reef May Aug 23rd

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