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Aug 10th: Boca Wreck Trek 2 Tank Dive

The "Wreck Trek" Boca is a 2 wreck drift dive that includes the United Caribbean and the Sea Emperor. There are limestone boulders lined up and leading to and from the Sea Emperor and the United Caribbean. 

The Sea Emperor was a hopper barge 171' long and 45' wide. The barge is upside down with the bow pointing to the south. Inside the wreck and to the east lie 1600 tons of concrete drainage culverts. The barge is also home to Goliath Groupers, eels, stingrays, nurse sharks and hundreds of other fish.

The United Caribbean, a 150-foot coastal freighter, was known as the Golden Venture when she ran aground in 1993 just 200 yards off the New York coastline while carrying 228 Chinese illegal immigrants. Each immigrant had paid $30,000 to be smuggled into the United States. Much of the sea life from the Sea Emperor has branched off and inhabited this wreck as well. Divers have spotted jacks, yellowtail and barracudas.


Dive Profile:

Skill Level: Open Water
Max Depth: 70' Max Depth




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Boca Wreck Trek

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